Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Other Women

Yesterday's blog consisted of me sharing a book with you that I have been reading: 20 Something 20 Everything: A Quarter-Life Woman's Guide to Balance and Direction ~ by Christine Hassler.

I talked about how one exercise (#1) consisted of dealing with your mother's influence on life, and trust me, I'm not going to make a blog pertaining to every exercise in the book, but this next one I need some outside help with. And it might help me see things differently and get a different perspective. I know there are lots of women out there, and I don't have THOUSANDS of readers, but I don't need THOUSANDS of responses to this. Just a few. Of course more would help but that's beside the point.

Below are some questions. I don't know how old everyone is that reads me, but, maybe if you can spread the word, promote and get my blogs out there (friends only right now due to personal reasons, I hope you understand) maybe get more responses from your own friends for me? Thanks.
1. Overall, how would you describe your twenties?
2. What were your goals during your twenties?
3. What were your primary interests in you twenties?
4. What were the three most fun and exciting aspects of events of your twenties?
5. What were the three most challenging aspects or events of your twenties?
6. If you could go back to your twenties, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently? Do you have any regrets?
7. Do you have any other words of wisdom that you think could be of value to women in their twenties today?
I would appreciate all the responses I can get, if you feel like posting this on your blog or whatnot for me :) Thanks.