Thursday, May 29, 2008

23 & A New Found Independence

I'm now 23, and more so than ever, a completely new found woman. I've gone on and on about all these changes I've made within myself and that I've been experiencing, yet, if I don't actually show those through my actions, they get me nowhere with certain people. Actions speak louder than just saying what you've gained and what you feel.

I have realized much more about myself living on my own, and becoming more independent from my parents everyday, and it's an amazing feeling when you're becoming strong on your own, and feel you can do anything and accomplish anything that comes your way.

The summer is here, and although I just used up some of my vacation time to enjoy a nice relaxing birthday, I am craving to take another vacation again......who knew? I've been wanting to go back to Disney World for some time now, and I may actually start budgeting my $$ better and look into prices, accomodations and see if a possible trip later this year is even an option for me.

June is almost here, and, I can't wait......yet, in a few weeks, my supervisor leaves, and that's what I am dreading. She's the main reason I have stayed at my current job, and when she leaves, I'm not sure where the department will be heading.....I'll be taking on more responsibility and, I'm not sure who will be replacing her. I have actually been working full-time there since the end of August, and I've definitely liked everything how it was. Once I heard she was leaving, I wanted to leave when she was as well...just because she's been the POSITIVE thing keeping me around there. If she were staying there'd be no question about my staying there for awhile longer.

I feel bored with Charlotte to be honest with you. I've actually considered moving out of Charlotte come next year once my lease is up here. I probably will stay at my current job through then just because I'll be surely able to afford this place through then, plus, the benefits and paid sick/vacation leave, and holiday benefits are awesome. I'm hoping we either get extra vacation time come July (or later since STATE IS SLOW) or a raise this year. Last year they got the highest raise they'd seen yet, so more than likely it'll be vacation time they're telling me, and I definitley need that, so *cross your fingers for me!*

It's 12:40am and if I expect to wake up on time tomorrow, I should be hitting the hay. Two more days of work this week, then it'll be the weekend and I'll get to sleep in