Monday, September 8, 2008


Mike has officially moved in with me. He got a job at FP Marketing and is really excited about what's to come. He's gotten me excited about his job too. It seems the perfect fit for him.

Today is his first day. He and I love living together the past couple of weeks, and his old dog Reese had puppies and we brought one home with us last night - it's so beautiful/cute! Its name is Freckles/Peanut/Buddy/Bubba :) It's precious. His first night at the apartment was a success. he's so cute.

I'm really not sure how long I'll be staying at UNC-Charlotte, and I'm being very picky about whereI apply, for my next career move or whatnot. Mike has really been very helpful in helping me think about where to go after this job. I have to do a lot of researching but I'm on my way and very motivated.

As far as my apartment, I'm considering renewing or finding someplace cheaper to live with Mike. he's going to be making more money, maybe even more than me, and he's going to help out with rent/bills and such and I'm going to very much appreciate that :)

We're looking forward to building a life together!