Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another Day, Another Fall

I ended up going up to Greensboro last night to visit with that someone special....and it was definitely worth it, yet, I experienced a bad accident on my way back home to Charlotte earlier this evening.

I was entering Lexington, although I didn't know that until afterwards, but the roads were wet, and it was continuing to rain, of course when I'm headed on the road home. . . . and my back tires needing replacing, so they were slick but I didn't realize how slick; it wasn't on my mind at the time. I hydroplaned, spun around on I-85 and thank god didn't hit any oncoming traffic, but ran into the guardrail, which busted my back bumper, spun back around (so i was facing the right way) and finally stopped moving and pulled over on the side of the road. Someone must have seen it go on; there were cars around me but thank goodness not in my way - and so they called it in, and a couple cops showed up, as well as a fire chief, firetruck and ambulance, yet I was alright, just really shooken up. I still can't sleep I'm still shooken up.

The fire chief had to cut some of the bumper off that was obviously dangling.....and wouldn't stay on safely, so then the rest of the bumper he said he might as well take off because it was hanging but seemed like it would stay on, but at the speed I'd have to be going on I-85 like 60-70, it could fly off and end up hitting someone, so he took it off, and now there's more stress on me than ever with insurance and fixing the bumper, and, other money issues I'm dealing with.

More than ever, I feel better than ever about my relationship........and I feel it's so positive; I had so much fun last night and today with him, and I can't wait til I talk with him and see him again.