Friday, October 9, 2009

The Google Game - GBT

The following is again, a response to Group Blog Thursday.
I understand I'm posting this on Friday morning, but I didn't get around to it yesterday, so spare me :)

1. Your Favorite beverage:

Cheerwine Ad Pictures, Images and Photos
The picture tells it all. Many people may have never heard of this. Even my supervisor's kids (from Arkansas) discovered this when they moved here, and LOVED IT so she had to bring them some from good ole North Carolina when visiting them in Arkansas where they attend college. I forget it's just a local thing sometimes.

2. Your hometown:
Downtown Matthews Pictures, Images and Photos
One side of main street.
Downtown Matthews Pictures, Images and Photos
The other side of main street.
I grew up in Matthews, NC. It's 20-30 min. outside of Charlotte, NC (The Queen City). I lived there from age 5-18 when I moved to Charlotte to attend college. I lived in Greenville, SC and Colorado Springs, CO before that, but Matthews will always be my true home. It's all I've really ever known.

3. Your favorite TV show:
One Tree Hill Pictures, Images and Photos
One Tree Hill is in its 7th season. Of course, it's drastically changed this year, eliminating two of its original and most popular characters but still doing extremely well for a show of its nature and the risks the cast/crew have taken in changing the show to not just follow in every other show's footsteps. I'm pretty impressed, and thoroughly addicted!

4. Your Occupation/You are in school for:
I do this:
Office at work Pictures, Images and Photos
I'm an office assistant/receptionist/secretary; always have a smile on my face; answer phones; multi-task......assist the entire department pretty much. I'm so lucky....(*catch the sarcasm there?*)
I went to college for this:
Epic Logo Pictures, Images and Photos
Epic Records.
Just an example of who I'd want to work for - a music company. I LOVE MUSIC!
But I'm doing clerical work, so I can't let that interfere with my dream. It's a paycheck.

5. Your first car:
SUNP0057 A Pictures, Images and Photos
SUNP0056 A Pictures, Images and Photos
2000 Honda Civic.
Of course, in the time I've been driving it, it's been through quite a bit, but it looks like this again, now, with hail dents all on it in random places (unexpected tornado-like storm - no warning) ....also no garage/cover. Lucky me. After my parents spent $4500-5000 fixing it up, then comes the freakin hail 6 months later. FML.

6. Your favorite dish:
Toppers pizza OPENING DAY!!! Pictures, Images and Photos
Topper's Pizza - BBQ Topper. This pizza is like DESSERT for me. I fill up so fast, but this I could practically scarf down the entire pizza. No kidding. "The Best GD pizza in the whole world!" (as I quoted to my boyfriend....and he reitterates back to me from time to time in a humouristic way) - is that even a word? :)

7. Celebrity you've been told to resemble:
Allyson Hannigan12 Pictures, Images and Photos
Allyson Hannigan. Or is it Allison Hannigan.
Either way, regardless, multiple people have told me I look like her, although I have brown hair, she has red. If I died my hair red, I'd look like her. Not so much sure in this shot though. It was just the first picture I found that was suitable for my blog.
8. Celebrity on your "to do" list:
Christian Bale Pictures, Images and Photos
Good ole Christian Bale. Been a fan since NEWSIES. (If you haven't seen it, check it out. The first movie I ever saw him in. Fell for him then.) I'm glad someone finally caught him and blew him up in this big well known guy as BATMAN but I've known of him since I was like 7....ahh my celebrity crush.

9. Favorite Childhood toy:
$40 Little Tikes Cozy Coupe car Pictures, Images and Photos
My Little Tikes Car. I still remember fighting over this with my little brother. It was my gift when we lived in Colorado Springs, CO, and, I absolutley LOVED it.
I think that was my first Little Tikes toy in general. I loved and wanted a lot of Little Tikes things. I can't believe how much they've even changed this old designed car, and to all the options they have for kids these days in toys. . . I'm jealous!
10. Any Random picture:
funny animals Pictures, Images and Photos
In noticing the picture, hey it's a Corgi! Cute dogs.