Friday, August 14, 2009

Unplanned Life

Changing up the font every once in awhile makes things interesting, don't you think? I have been kind of MIA in blog postings lately, not just on here. I miss all the comments I used to get from friends on here, but, I'm going to try to start writing more often again. I kind of went away because a lot that was on my mind I really couldn't express via blog. It was all wrapped up in my head.

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The past 4 months I have been living in a city that shall not be named, but, it's opposite from what I grew up in. It's country vs. city. I felt like I needed to leave the city in order to really figure out what was best for me. The city felt like it was confining me and I felt consumed in it all. I worked and lived within a mile of each other, and I felt like I wasn't really going anywhere, then I moved back home, and, it helped me pay off some medical bills, save some money, but I felt overwhelmed living back home with my parents again. Of course, many people went back home with the parents once graduating college to save up money, but I got a full time job shortly after and only was back at home for a few months before finding my own place and I've lived out on my own ever since. I missed the freedom I felt living on my own and having total and complete control of my life.

I've been renting this house for $400, 2 br/1 ba and a nice yard/deck/porch. I love it, but if only it were closer to my friends, family and workplace. That is why I've come down to the decision to start looking for places closer and in the city I left months ago. I've gotten homesick and although getting away from the city has helped me in lots of ways, it's also hindered me in others. Its allowed me to realize whats most important to me, and it challenged me in lots of other ways pertaining to family, friends, and everything with my life in general. Also, I have never seen so many horses, cows, other farm animals, or bails of hay in my entire life like I have in these past few months. I actually pet my first horse over a month ago. I've always loved watching horses gallop and whatnot, and I was amazed at petting one! Yeah.....I'm definitely a city girl.

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People in my boyfriends' family used to pick at me for being a city girl, well they still do, and living in the country. I have come to terms with being defined a CITY GIRL. I have no problem with it now. I thought maybe the country style living could be for me, but I've realized it is not.
So that's the update for now. I've just begun looking, so I'm not sure when this next move will take place, but this was a great move I made getting away from everything and everyone for awhile. It allowed me to really focus on what I wanted for ME.

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