Monday, August 14, 2006

New Puppy

As much as we miss Gizmo, my mom has been looking for another lhasa opso (what Gizmo was) and she found a site We never imagined we could find puppies online, and order them, and they could be flown to us!

My mom and the rest of the family has been looking through pictures of different lhasas and we were deciding between 3 diff puppies that were adorable (all from the same litter too) but then a new one was posted yesterday morning that we all fell in love with from the start!..........and my mom sent the payment and the paperwork was completed yesterday afternoon :)
They named him Seymore on the site, but he's only 7-8 weeks old, flying out to Raleigh Sept 6th, and we're gonna go pick him up then! I'm excited! We think we're gonna name him Charlie since that was our first dog's name who died when I was like 1 or 2, that I don't even remember. We got Gizmo when I was 7, and there will never be another Gizmo.

Message me for pictures, you'll fall in love with him too!!