Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

Everyone is posting about all of their ideas for Valentine's Day and unfortunately, I don't know if my boyfriend continues catching up on my blogs or not. I haven't informed him of writing any more and he may not but I'm going to hope he doesn't because usually he mentions reading up on what I write (at least for the articles I write with , but this site, I hope he's forgotten about).

Last year I didn't think he cared too much for valentine's Day becuase on the morning of, he finally got money and was able to go out and buy my gifts; I had an idea of what it was going to consist of because he wasn't good at keeping secrets/surprises to himself haha. (he's better now) but, he got me a gift pertaining to each of my senses, it was really nice; and extra stuff as well. I felt bad because he was tight on money, and didn't know how much he'd get whenever, he was mainly on unemployment. I didn't require him to get me anything but I didn't spend much but made him something (see my last blog).

This year, he had things planned out ahead of time, whereas I was straining thinking up til the last minute what to do for him. I've made him stuff in the past, and Valentine's Day is our romantic holiday; and so is our anniversary but it's different. To me, the anniversary is more important but V-Day is semi-important. It happens to fall on a Sunday this year so it's our weekend.

Coincidentally my friend Lauren wants to hang out friday (there's a slight chance those may be changed to today so it'd be the full weekend at home with him, but who knows, I'm still waiting to hear back from her) but he got upset when I made plans for friday, even though he had plans he could partake in as well. This is when I realized he LOVED Valentine's Day and was absolutely looking forward to it this year. Last year I thought he just bought those gifts at the last min. because he felt he needed to to fulfill the ritual for Valentine's Day for couples. This is only our 2nd together so I'm not expecting a ring, and everyone joked about him getting me one but hell, I don't want a ring haha. Not yet anyways. Down the road maybe. We haven't even been together a full 2 years yet. For me, I'm fine for now :) I still love him though.

I've got a great idea planned that I found online, yes, but it's original and unique and fits us perfectly, so I'm going to attempt in doing this. :) If curious, send me a message or comment or email me ( - I'm a bit nervous about posting my idea(s) on here by chance he comes across it and decides to update himself on all my blog postings :)

We have decided to make a weekend out of it and spend it together. We'll do different things like dinner, talking, cherishing our love, etc. but he makes a point to do that a lot these days. . . V-Day just proclaims it a lot more I think.

We have had a rough patch for awhile struggling with things around the house, and, our relationship in general about where it's going, and where we are in our lives individually, so Valentine's Day seems to be coming in perfect timing for us.