Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Home

Everything has quickly changed over this past month with the whole living situation. Vale isn't all it was cracked up to me in the beginning in my head, so after looking, and help from Mike's dad, we found a house. It will be $400/month and it's next door to the duplex I was originally going to pay $350/month for, which is right by Ronda's Kitchen (Mike's family's restaurant).

It's perfect for us at this time. 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath, nice open kitchen, front little porch, back porch, back yard for Blackjack to run around in, and possibly another dog. We've considered getting her a playmate. Hoping for another girl because that would be easier than worrying about more puppies coming around, you know? :) haha.

I'm meeting with Phillip, the land lord on the 1st to sign everything, missing church work again unfortunately. I don't plan on missing anymore.

Amy's birthday celebration is happening the 4th and although i'm moving, I'm going to try and make an appearance since I never see her anymore, sadly.

I met another new friend, Amanda, and in conversation, we realized we knew some mutual people from around the Charlotte area, one in particular being Rachel, a girl I have always had drama with, I mean, even if we acted like friends, there was always drama between us because of someone from my past, Eric, and, strange enough, everyone Amanda has come into contact about regarding Rachel does not like her. Funny huh? And she also told me how Rachel had even mentioned to her all the drama, how she thought I was trying to break up her and Will, her ex before she started seeing Eric again. As pathetic as it sounds, it's hilarious to hear all the shit she has talked about me and how paranoid she was about me being involved in her life when I could have cared less. Amanda also informed me of how Rachel is living with Eric, and Eric still lives with his parents (wow)