Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lose Myself

I can't wait til 4pm ---> 40 min. to go!!! The countdown begins........

This may be the actual day I skip working out, even though I've said that the past few days, and haven't stuck to it. . . I always end up sticking to working out everyday, or else I'll kind of feel disappointed in myself for slacking off, so I'll probably end up squeezing in some workout in my relaxation time once I get home from work. Even though I feel tired all day here, I get pumped up and awake when I'm working out :) I love that feeling.

This weekend I'm probably going to Charleston, SC with my mom & Dad. Maybe...I'm kind of not looking forward to it> It's probably the last time I'll be spending in my grandmother's old house down there. My mom and aunt found a buyer and they're closing in less than a month.It's like the last piece of my grandmother to let go of, even though she died back in early 2004. I can't believe it's been 4 years!

Overcoming different challenges in my life feels great. I feel stronger than ever. There's so many different challenges I'm putting upon myself to overcome just to test myself. I haven't been following through with certain things I've said to certain people and now's the time to, or else I'll lose myself again.