Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Graduate School

Lately I have been thinking about what I'm doing with my life, where I'm going with it, and of course, everyone has revelating moments like this, but since I work at a college, it's in my head almost every day. I talk to and see graduate students in my department all the time, working towards their future, some my age, some older, and some even younger!

Several professors have advised me on taking the GRE just to have that as a backup in case I do decide to attend graduate school. And taking free classes since I can take one a semseter since I work at the college full time, but I've yet to do it. I didn't do anything like that at first because I just needed a break from the whole school routine. I enjoyed working full-time, yet now, I'm looking for something more. A part of me wants school back in my life because I'm yearning to learn more and challenge myself, whereas in my current job, I don't feel like I am.

I've heard many different perspectives to graduate school - go to a general MBA and then you can study any aspect of busines you want; focus in on the type of industry you want to be a part of. Which do I do? My parents are still paying off college loans for me, and I wish I could help them, but I don't have that kind of money coming in for me. I am paying off credit cards/debt due to furniture and other things I piled up over the past year or two. My fault, but I'm trying to get them paid off at a good pace so they're not around forever. I have excellent credit and I'm not worried about that, but I wonder what grants/scholarships I'm applicable for as a graduate student.

A school that has stood out to me, because I know a few people that went there for both undergrad and grad, is Full Sail Universityin Orlando, Florida. The perk to it is that I could take everything online, and tuition includes books, labs, everything I would need to complete my Master's in Entertainment Business in 13 months from my home, through distance education. I know it's better to do classes face to face but I talked to an advisor there and he mentioned a lot of the students physically on campus participate in the online program to work around their full time jobs anyways, so I would be balanced and equal with them. I've heard highs and lows about online courses, so I guess it's just a risk I'd have to take. Of course, I just completed my FAFSA and have yet to speak to the Full Sail advisor again about my results of that to see what I qualify for.

If you didn't catch what I mentioned above, my focus would be Entertainment Business. My main interest over the years has been music, but I realize I have a lot of interest in entertainment as a whole so I want to be available to all sorts of aspects of the entertainment world, so that would be my study in graduate school, if I choose to take that route.

Sometimes I wonder if I've yet to get the experience I need, is it really meant to be or do I have to work harder to get it? I'm not in a profound city where entertainment/music have taken over like L.A., NYC, Orlando or TN, but I'm limited with my options, so I have to decide to make a big move and invest in something that may get me to where I want to be, or choose a different career path, and that's where I end up. I'm scared to make such a big move without knowing how I'm going to be a year or so financially. I'll be the same if not better off probably, yet, it's just a huge thing to take on, graduate school, and yes, we know any graduate school is money people rarely have just sitting on hand :) AT least, from my eyes anyways.