Sunday, May 25, 2008

No Worries

It has been awhile since I have really hung out with friends, with no worries in my head or flying across my mind consistently. All of my friends can read my body language, or read how I am very easily. I guess I can't hide my emotions as easily as I thought I could.

My birthday has been a changing one, and although it felt like it was nothing special I definitely have experienced a great sense of relief with my time off work, and spending these days with close friends, especially one that I feel closest to right now.

It's a great feeling when you tell someone that you will miss them when they're getting ready to leave on a 3 week vacation, although I know 3 weeks isn't 'forever' but when you see this person every week and talk to them everyday, it's going to be a little break for the two of you and, and after you tell them that they smile and like that feeling that you'll miss them, it makes me feel good. Knowing I'll miss them and they'll miss me is a great feeling. It will be good for us, but things have changed between us as of most lately the past week so it's a good time for us to just take some space and enjoy time away from eachother, so we don't lose what we have going on between us.