Friday, October 20, 2006

My Writings, My Soul

Regrets come up, you seek to forget.
Lessons were learned, truths faced.
Demons came up, and hearts were broken down.
It pains me to know everything I've done,
yet amazes me to see how far I've come.
Truths have been faced, demons put away,
where originally I had become numb.

The people in my life have come and gone,
not all to my doing, but certainly some.
These mistakes have cost me trust in good friendships,
but has made me value all that has come since.

Emotions got the better of me, I have to admit.
Nothing can be forgiven, but time can only tell,
what the end results shall be, and how everything will fit.
"Forgive and forget"? Or "Go To Hell."

You're not a forgiving person, everyone knows.
I'm surprised you even give me the time of day.
When I did what I did, and don't deserve anything,
Why do you talk to me as if it were all okay?

Tons of remorse, sick to my stomach.
Will this ever pass, not sure I'd want it to.
Memories remain of bad decisions,
Moved on to a new chapter, everything's brand new.

No excuses, can't forgive myself.
Time has passed, heart is healing.
Hopefully we can be real friends,
Similar to the beginning.

Up and down, bounced around,
My emotions won't stop going.
Back and forth, not slowing down,
everything keeps flowing.

My time has come,
I've brought about a change.
A change in this life, a change in me.
Miles away, heart has healed.
Time can change
Everything I feel.

My motivations and strengths have gottten me thus far,
I've gone to great lengths not to be who you are.

Moving on and forth with this life,
wondering what's to come,
Causing my inner self such strife,
was not very fun.

Friends first, put away the past.
Rekindle the trust and care within.
What's important should last,
Either way it will be a win.

Grown apart, yet grown up so very much.
Something I've dealt with in my own way.
Longing to see if I can still feel your touch,
In my heart, mind, and body, will everything be okay?

Looking and hoping for something more.
Something that will take care of the sad.
My feelings come and go,
as I watch my life pass by.
The dreams I once had are gone,
and all I can think of is why.

Proud of where I am,
anxious about where I could be,
imagining all the possibilities,
of all there is out there for me.

I have the best attitude
that's ever been in me.
Overcoming something I hated,
now the good is all I see.

College is almost over,
and I'm scared to leave
a life I've become accustomed to,
all I can perceive.
Noone should make you feel such pain,
make you cry or hurt, that's insane.

Special days where you're full of smiles,
that's what love is, make it last awhile.
Facing the real world in a rekindled skin,
Hiding all I've seen within.

The world is a scary place overall,
when entering it for the first time, don't fall.

Confident and successful, tall and strong.
Don't waste everything - it's taken you so long.

Remember you're never alone in this great big world.
You always have the support reminding you how far you've soared.

Forget the bad, but remember lessons you've learned.
What makes you you, the difficult corners you've turned.

Changes are a part of everyday life,
no matter how hard, or how much strife.

There are low times, yet great times too.
Don't sink too deep, that's not you.

The future is near, don't run from it.
Don't look back, see what fits.