Monday, June 15, 2009


I just wanted to give everyone an update because I hadn't posted a blog of any sorts in a number of days, when I normally would have by now.

I paid a visit to the ER Fri morn and Sat morn, so that's been fun for me.

In September 08 I came down with a kidney infection, because 2 kidney stones I had were blocking the infection in my kidneys. They then had to perform a surgery to remove the stones, or put in a stint to direct them so I could pass them. You wouldn't believe the morphine they had me on! I passed them and didn't know it! I spent almost a week in the hospital, and, that was enjoyable ha.

Anyways I started feeling similar pains wed/thurs but didn't think anything of it because I was working out intensely the day before. I thought it was my own fault for pushing myself too hard on the treadmill, which I hadn't done in awhile, plus having the wrong kind of shoes to be running that much and that hard with on there.

So...........I'm fine Thursday at work but that night I got really bad. I may have even had a fever. I end up going to the ER Fri morn, and I have a UTI, but the infection hadn't reached my kidneys which is really good, I was incredibly relieved. I didn't wanna relive all that mess. And they give me some meds. . . . Then I notice I'm not getting any better, plus having a fever coming on and off and experiencing bad side effects to one of the meds. like a severe migraine and nausea. I didn't think that was normal so I wantedto check up on it. They wanted me to come and get checked again just because. I go back into the ER Sat. morning, and turns out, overnight, my infection had reached a worse level. Imagine that. Lucky me. I was there for 6 hours if not longer, and they had to put an IV in me, gave me all sorts of meds, trying all sorts of things, so I wouldn't have to be admitted, not that I was an inconvenience, but they always know noone wants to stay there, they want to be home, ya know? Anyways, they gave me great meds that have really made me feel tons better but this headache still sticks around, but the back pain is gone, and all other pain is gone.

I will have phases where I'm burnining up, freezing, nauseated, and my appetite isn't completely back but I'm getting there. . . So there's my update. Feel free to leave comments :)

I'll be back to writing my *normal* *random* blogs whenever I get back to a normal schedule and overcome this medical stuff.