Monday, July 28, 2008


Today my new supervisor starts work here. I haven't had a supervisor since Kathy left over a month ago. It's been weird coming to work without her, but I adjusted. It's going to be a different feeling coming to work with a new supervisor, but we all seem to get along with her, and she's laid-back it seems. I'm grateful we have someone in her position though. People were coming to me and continue coming to me with tasks I am not familiar with and have very little experience doing. I guess my job will be like it used to before Kathy left, although I have grown accustomed to the extra stress put on me since she left.I'm glad I've been able to keep up with her by email, that has certainly helped.

7/17/08 : I went down to Kings Mtn. to visit with Mike, and, while listening to music 'Usher's "Moving Mountains" he told me he loved me and I said it back. I had never been able to do that face to face with a guy before and it honestly felt like a movie :) It was a beautiful moment.

It's almost been 2 months with him, and it has certainly flown by! I can't believe it's almost August.

We had our first big meeting/conference call with my dad's new company, and I can't wait to be a part of it. The problem is it may not be til November-January sometime that money actually starts coming in, so as unhappy as I am here at this job, I may have to stick it out til then. Hopefully the next few months go by fast. The past year flew by, so it may not be so bad. I can only hope.

I have felt selfish over the past weekend with how I've felt in the situation I am in with Mike. After talking it over with my friend Lori, I've realized, I can't just go with my gut feelings, I have to really think about things now. There is an age difference, and that affects some of the choices I have to make with how I am with him. We are definitely focusing and living in the present, not worried about each other's past histories, and not jumping to conclusions with the future. I love that we are on the same page with everything. I've never felt like such a perfect match with someone. . . and neither has he.