Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Mike & I got through that rough patch of days I described in my last post.

We moved into Lindsey's, and, I've felt homesick but my 2nd day driving to work wasn't so bad. It's a straight route just on 3 diff. roads and it takes about an hour or so to get in, but it's not horrendous. I still would prefer to live somewhere else though. I didn't mean to move somewhere I knew I wouldn't like, but just experiencing this life out here is done, and I'm ready to move to something I know I'll like. I've gotta check out a few spots. I have one particularly in mind though next to Mike's family's restaurant. It's only $350 a month, and it's month to month, not a year lease or anything, which is really good :) You can't find that many places now a days.I hope I like the inside and we can work that out sooner rather than later.

9 months, and going strong :)

This morning I bought us Dane Cook tickets, for our one year in June - he's coming to Columbia, SC, which is close enough for me. $100 for each one but I can manage it right now :) No more splurging for me. Mike said he would trade stereos with me, so I wouldn't have to spend almost another $200 on a new one just because I'm picky :) YAY.

It's Spring Break at work & nothing to do so I'm surfing online. . . can't wait til One Tree Hill comes back next Monday!