Monday, October 20, 2008


It is quite interesting how one night can change your life. . . . 06.07.08 did it for me.

Finding your perfect match, never having to question or doubt anything when it comes to them, finding your best friend, waking up everyday knowing that they feel exactly the same way that you do about them.........

This past year in my life has been a puzzled, yet amazing one, and I can't go back and change anything I did. I used to think about life so negatively, worrying and stressing over anything, doubting/questioning a lot of my moves/actions/words, and, the past few months have calmed me down. Not only was someone simply amazing brought into my life, but he has changed me in ways I never thought were possible. I never expected to meet someone like him, and to be shown the things I have been in the short amount of time I have, but I have to say it is very possible.

Other people have shown me about myself, but it always was in a negative light, and I tried so hard to see the positives, but they never came out on top. This person has shown me the best about myself, rather than bringing me down, or building me up. . . to nothing in the end.

My views on many different things in life have changed, been altered, and, I have stopped judging people. Life is a precious gift we cannot take for granted. The influence I have brought onto other people's lives lately has definitely shown me how much someone can let you into their world, and, lighten it up, and allow you to see the better things in life, rather than the dark sides to everything.

There's no need in worrying/stressing over things; you can't change what has already happened, but you can change what will happen in the future. Take control of what you need to, and move on. Sitting and dwelling on the issue won't make things any better, so why do it? I have become better about it and people around me have noticed it, which makes me feel even better about how I'm handling my matters.

Love is a feeling one can't describe. It is something that not only you feel and see but everyone around you can see & feel as well. For the first time I have understood the meaning of how deep love can go, and how it should be. I have been mistaken in the past as to what I deserved, and what I may have to settle for based on my history of things, but I was wrong. This is an indescribable feeling I hope everyone can experience someday. I wasn't looking for it when it stumbled upon me, and I would never do anything to risk losing it.

I have been in relationships before, and I have loved and lost, yet this type of love is one of a kind & unique, rare to come across. Not only do I see it, but everyone around us see & feel it too, and that makes it feel even more amazing. No one is perfect but I never imagined there being someone as perfect for me as the man I have found. I can't say anything bad about him or our relationship and, things keep getting better each and every day.

In the short amount of time we have been together, we have experienced so many things not many couples EVER experience in their time together. These struggles and life lessons have definitely made our relationship stronger and brought us closer as a couple, and with our families as well, in the best ways possible. I couldn't ask for anything more than what I have right now because I have it all.