Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blogging Community

I have missed blogging on MySpace since I know so many more people out there, plus I know how to do more editing on there much easier to me.

I hate that I don't have many followers/friends on this community, but I'd like to earn more. I wish my blog could be pimped out or shared. I think more older people are on this community than those on MySpace. I want to try to keep both going so I may just write one blog and post it everywhere for everyone to see, but I haven't decided yet.

I just made a new MySpace for blogging friends only so I wouldn't offend family/friends on the personal myspace. On my personal myspace I just post my articles I wrtie for Examiner.com, so they're safe and non offensiev and everyone can read them because they're published works of mine. Send me your thougths on what i shoudl do. I haev a myspace for my examiner.com audience, personal myspace, blogging myspace, adn then this site.

Which should I toss/throw away, and update, or should I just update them all the same?