Friday, March 28, 2008

A Change Is Gonna Come

I haven't had one of these in awhile. used to be one I kept up with, yet it got old to me after awhile, so, I decided to try this site out. It seems pretty nifty, but then again, I could be disappointed, or just not feel like keeping up with it. Hopefully it catches on; if not, then I'll just abandon it like I did others. I have to find more to occupy my downtime at work....this might be an easy solution for that.

It is Friday, and I'm definitely in need of the weekend. It's been an up and down week although since Wednesday evening, things have been feeling really good to me. I don't even know what I am going to have going on this weekend, but hopefully it'll be like all the others - spontaneous and uplifting, and enjoyable.

Lately I've really been thinking about my career, whatever it may turn out to be down the road. Everyone who knows anything about me knows I love music and want to do something within the music/entertainment industry. Just getting the experience necessary to get there is a key component, and since a lot of people are looking for that, it's hard to come by. Because I've already graduated college, and can't get college credit for anything I'd be doing, has kept me from gaining access to certain opportunities believe it or not.

I'm contemplating making a big move in my personal and professional life at the end of this year. My lease for my apartment will be up then, and I definitely won't be staying in it past that date, but, I'm not sure if I'll move home temporarily or make a big move to another city, and Greensboro is what I've been keeping in mind. That's the only city I'd consider moving to at this point in my life; I have friends there and people that would be there for me, and people I would be able to socialize with, plus great job opportunities there as well. From the way people have told me, it is a smaller version of Charlotte, and is more cultural than Charlotte, which would be a different experience for me, but one I might enjoy. I'm all about leaving Charlotte as often as I can, and a new city just might be what I need.

As far as working out & dieting, I was so incredibly focused and then I just wasn't. My goal is to start clean & fresh & hard-core on Sunday. I can really feel it after not eating right/working out right the past week or two. I had a few low days here and there, and had no motivation. A lot has been going through my mind, and I know that's why things have been difficult to stay motivated. I've been visiting practically everyday I can, in order to stay motivated and talk with others going through getting into shape and losing weight as well. Many people I've connected with and talked with about issues, and other things. It's an incredibly helpful site, and FREE - how perfect is that!

I'm a big quote fanatic. If I come across one, or more, that really hit home with me, I definitely love sharing them with everyone I know. Some are as follows:

It's not whether you get knocked down. It's whether you get up again.

You may not end up where you thought you were going, but you will always end up where you were meant to be.

Real love is a self-enlarging experience.

Embrace those who love you and whom you love, and rid yourself of those who will only bring you down.

The only people you need in your life are the ones who prove that they need or even want you in theirs....

We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance.

Forgiving does not erase the bitter past. A healed memory is not a deleted memory. Instead, forgiving what we cannot forget creates a new way to remember. We change the memory of our past into a hope for our future.

you have three choices in your life: give up . give in. or give it all you got

sometimes people come into your life & you know right away that they were meant to be there, to serve some sort of purpose, to teach you a lesson, or to help you figure out who you are and who you want to be.

Things happen for a reason. We may not know it at the time but they can be the best things that happened.

Just look back on, How far we've come.
We've made it somehow, Look where we are now.
We learned to open our eyes,
Now I both think we'd agree,
That we're better off than when we started.
And the best is yet to come.
'cause our story isn't done.
All we've done, Our battles won.
~Hoobastank "Look Where We Are"

Today is going to be a slow one for me, that hopefully goes by fast, but who knows, I might return later and update some more on the joyous events of my life :)