Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Moved In

I've been in the house for about 2 weeks now, and absolutely love it. I love the fact that I'm in my own house, noone around me, on my own land, and can do anything to it, inside or out, without worrying about following any restrictions. Phillip, the landlord, says we can do anything with the house, inside or out, as long as it looks good. Which is Perfect! I already know I want to paint the living room a light yellow. That will go great with the hardwood floors. Mike and I have also talked about taking up the carpet in the two bedrooms and putting down laminate hardwood floors to go along with the living room floors.

The carpet in there is ugly. And, the shower in the bathroom is an ugly green, but to replace it and change the color, we'd have to take the whole liner of the shower out and change it. I'm not sure if we'd just throw another white on in there, put tiles in it etc. I'm not sure what costs what, so those are projects that will go on down the line.

Mike got in a little bumper accident yesterday in the Walmart parking lot. And the cop noticed there was a lapse in insurance on his tag, so they revoked it for 30 days so he can't drive his car for 30 days since it has no tag. I might be sharing my car with him if there's not another way for him to get around. I'm also hoping he can borrow his sister's truck or grandfather's truck to get the rest of my stuff at my house, particularly my treadmill.

I'm applying to all sorts of jobs online. I know I have perks here like in getting sick/vacation time every month, but if I found a job I'd actually enjoy, that wouldn't matter to me. I have health benefits with this job too, but I'm frustrated with still being in this environment. Some people may not mind it but I feel like I've been on this campus forever, and desperately need a change of scenery and environment especially. I just hope something comes through soon.

I was hoping to be a part of and working with my parents' new company but I have yet to be trained on anything or given anymore hope with that. Recently they were signed on to manage an entire hospital of doctors, which is more than they ever expected but would also give them a lot more work to take over, which would hopefully bring me in on it, and I'm hoping it would, but I'm not getting my hopes up so I'm doing my own searching.