Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rough Patches

It's been a very interesting/long week. This past weekend was rough for Mike & I because lies came forward and, truths were told about a couple situations involving Eric and then his ex, Valerie. I of course feel like my situation(s) was the worst of the two. He feels he did worse though. At least I know he has a conscience and he's a good man for coming clean about something that he feels he could have avoided. I could have avoided my situatoin too.I like how he spoke with his dad and was honest about everything, even his side. His dad described our situation as just 'exiting at the wrong place on the interstate, and having to get back on track, find your way back to the interstate' - His dad understands and loves our relationship. I appreciate his parents because they will actually talk to us couple on couple and figure out issues, and understand everything with us. My parents, on the other hand, don't exactly see me with Mike in the way I do. I think they think I could do better, like a lot of people do, but they don't see Mike like I do, and don't see everything I do with him. They don't know all the facts.

Yesterday I decided to talk with Lauren about how the Harrisburg boys are always ratting on Mike even though they've only been around him once or twice. Of course they're all pulling for Matt Arnwine to get back with me (imagine that, I'm finally happy and THEN he comes around wanting to be with me, settle down, get another chance) it doesn't work out that way though. He's been persistent about calling me on my cell AND work, trying to talk to me, get back in my life the way he used ot be about 2 years ago, and get another chance. Nothing's changed now. I've moved on and, well, I'm not answering his calls or seeing him or the other boys. I'm only going to talk to and hang out with Lauren. they have disrespected me so much to the point I'm done with them. I may see them down the road at a country concert since I'm considering getting the mega ticket (and lauren and mike are the ones Iwanan go with) but still, I mean, they've got to earn my respect back. I'm not just handing that out to just anyone anymore. Too much has been taken advantage of in the past, and I'm taking control of things now. It is just that way now.

I'm taking tomorrow off from work - I have an appointment in Gastonia at City Hall for an Admin Job, well testing for the job at least. It's testing on Microsoft Excel/Word/Power Point 2000 (I haven't used this but in HIGH SCHOOL ) I wa susing 2003 in college, and 2007 now with work. Imagine that. I really hope I do well. She said they allow 2 hours but I'm fast in general and I used it alot back then so hopefullyI do well and make it to th enext step. The minimum of what the job makes salary wis eis more thanI make here, and there's lots more to do so I'd never be bored but I probably wouldn't have the luxury I do here, butI need$$, I need to be closer to where I wanna live, and, move up in this world. I haven't been happy at this job in awhile an dI know leaving at the time the economy is in right now isn't the best, but I need to look out for myself in the future.

I'm moving in temporarily with a mutual friend of MIke & I's - Lindsey. She's getting a divorce, doesn't want to live alone, so we're moving in, and for only like $225 a month! What a deal. I'ts a little more a commute but i'ts what I am oka ywith. I like driving/listening to radio/music in the morning. It wakes me up believe it or not and gets me ready for the day. It's in Lincolnton/Vale area, so it's in the country but it will be temporary living with her I believe. It will get me and Mike out o four parents house, living together again, so that's beter for us and our relationship as a whole, and then give us less of a rush in finding our own place, but I'm still going to beon the lookoutfor our own place. I'm excited.

My firend Jocie was tellingme about this black lab that was just dumped on her mom's farm and they needed to find it a home. It's potty trained, doesn't chew, great on a leash ( sadly they think i twas chained up before) but it's the perfect age, size, etc. so Mike and I are taking it in this weekend! :) He's keeping it at his house until we move in with Lindsey but I'm excited! :) Good thingsto come forour future.