Saturday, October 14, 2006

RAY's Advice

My good friend Ray and I have had many heart-to-heart and hilarious chats about everything, especially life in general...and this is something I came across on his myspace page - check it out ladies! and...guys, yeah, well...he lets us girls know how it really is.

Ok now, I had a conversation with a girl who wanted my opinion on dating and how to find a good guy. Rather than getting played all the time.

So here are some things that all girls need to take to heart, if you don't want to get played anymore, and want to find a good relationship.

1. You have to be careful with the word "LOVE". Today it is used to eagerly and too loosely. Love takes time to bloom, and it means something deep when you get to that point. Now what does love mean? This is the question everyone asks and has no answer for. So I will answer it for you.

Love is to be close to someone, not through sex or through passion, but through spirit. It means to care unconditionally, with no thought of being with anyone else but the one you "love." It is to believe in them and to be able to stay with them for the rest of life. Sex is not love, nor is do not confuse it like so many people do.

And remember, if you love someone, they are honestly your best friend. The best friend I might add, the one you will confide in. The one who will be there for you when everyone else moves on and is gone.

This means you must be friends before you can be lovers, not the other way around. Remember that!

2. You need to play hard to get, this is important! If a guy is only there for sex, or to get you out of your pants. Then these guys will leave you within the first month....the slick ones will stay, but cheat on you for about 2-3 months. I know that's harsh to hear, but it is true!

Now, by playing hard to get, and not giving the guy what he wants; you will be able to find out if you and the relationship means more to him than sex.

If sex is the least thing on his mind, then you know he is a good guy. All that will matter to him Is that he gets to spend his time with you, and that you are there for him. And he in turn will be there for you!

3. Now we get into the Romance and what you two do with your time. When you are in a good relationship, the guy will try to do special things for you. You in turn should do the same!
Now, this does not mean you have to spend money all the time to do such things. As a matter of fact, some of the most romantic and caring things can be done at a low cost....or free.

This may sound cheap, but let me give you a few ideas. Some things I have done in the guys position, and things you can do as a girl.

Here we go:

1. For girls or guys, why not make a candle light dinner? Use long candles in the middle of the table, unscented. Also have rose pedals strung on top of the table to off-set it with a low perfume aroma and a generally nice look.

You can also place candles all over the room to give it a low light look as well.
Cliche' I know....but it is nice regardless.

2. For the Guys: Go for a walk in the park together. Either at night or day. Most parks have a bridge over a stream, take her there and tell her to wait a second. Take out a pocket knife, and carve a heart in the wooden rail, put your initials. Now, from behind her....put your arms around her. Ask her to make a wish while looking down at the water, standing over the heart. It will come true. (I PROMISE IT WILL!!)

3. Girls or GUYS: Again at the park, why not take the time to pack a lunch? Have a mid-day picnic together. This might sound a bit useless....but trust me, its under-rated. IT's all about that you took the time to do something special.

4. And now, FOR THE GUYS! I swore I would never tell anyone this. But I feel all girls deserve to have this done for them at least once!


He'll take you to a high-rise parking deck....or a parking lot will do. Usually after a good rain has fallen on a warm night.

When you get there, he will park under a light, and ask you to get out. At this point, if timed right....his car will begin playing a deep and loving song. Kind of like "Thank you in Advance"
He'll take you in his arms and dance with you on your own personal stage.

Now why the wet night? you dance steam will slowly rise around you two. Basically, it literally will make a huge dancing circle around you. It gives the illusion of many "angelic" forms dancing around you.

Pretty sweet eh?

Well hope it works out for you all!


Girls with Makeup? Hot or Not? Rank Me?


It's sad to see how many of you girls are depending more and more on these sites or utilities to make yourself feel better.

The saddest ones are the girls who think they need to strip down and show off their bodies all over the net to get a good review.

Now tell me, why is it a lot of females hate to be looked at only for sex, or a piece of ass (pardon the language), when in fact you welcome it upon yourself?

I understand that the male population, as well as the media make it seem you have to have the perfect looks and body to be respected. Or that you have to follow and portray Hollywood's newest diet trend. Don't get me wrong, taking care of your body and being in good health is one thing.

But killing yourself by starving and dieting yourself to death is just not the way. So what if you can't get a date with that guy because you don't think you are his "type?" Haven't you learned that for every person that looks down on you, there area hundred more who will befriend you, and care for you.


Now to the guys, if you really want a great girl and special one; then why are you contributing to the decline of this chance?

By using or disrespecting a girl, not only do you add to their thoughts that they are not good or beautiful enough, but you also create the type of girl who thinks, "what else am I good for than just sex, or being used?"

It is true, many girls....even those who look beautiful with or without makeup, generally have a bad view of themselves. Simply because there is a lot more pressure on females to portray this perfect look. To have slender bodies, perfect clothing fashion, and great hair!

But when it comes to it, if you are with a girl for her looks, or her body....then you're making a tragic mistake. What if this girl you are with got into a car accident....her face was scared for life, and she will never look the way she used to again.

Will you stay with her? Will you still love her? If not, then that's quiet shallow, and you should ask yourself where your priorities are.


Now this applies to the females too! Don't date just for looks, that's why you are not finding guys who are the "sweet or nice guys". You have to date by attitude and the caring factor. Not by looks.

Remember everyone, looks fade with time. You wont wake up to the same person when she is not wearing makeup, so don't date by that. (Look at Brittany Take what I said to, what if they got into an accident to heart, it is important.

Well, that's all I can say on that. Hope it helps.

Just take to heart what I said about not dating for looks. Because if the one your with should loose their looks, and you can't say your with them for who they are.....then you do not love them or care for them at all really.

And girls. When you find that guy, the guy who truly loves and cares for you; it wont matter how you look, or if your willing to sleep with him or NOT!

All that will matter is your attitude and who you are, and years from now...when your gray and old; that guy will still love you unconditionally.

Simply because looks fade, but TRUE love lasts eternal. Remember that!


Your friend and Speaker of TRUTH! (Lol)